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Diet Pills Glossary

Are you well informed about diet pills? Do you know the most generic diet pills related terms? We have created diet pills information which will inform you about the various aspects of the diet pills. We strive to educate you about the best diet pill products and dietary supplements. This information will assist you in making an right decision about the usage of diet pills.


Atkins diet food : A carb blocker diet pills for maintaining body in a right shape.

Amino acids: The essential building blocks of Proteins mainly obtained through food like soybean, pulses, fish, etc.


B Vitamins: B-6, B-1, B-2 - Known for increasing energy levels.

Binge Eating Disorder: Eating food in an uncontrolled manner without any vomits.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Ratio of body weight to the height, thereby estimating the degree by which you are over or underweight. BMI=Weight (in kg) / Height (in m2).

Body fat: It is the body mass that is not composed of lean muscle, water, bones or vital organs.

Bontril SR: An appetite suppressant that works by stimulating the nervous system.


Calories: A unit of measurement for the amount of energy that is released from food upon oxidation by the body. Also the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1°C at 1 atmosphere pressure.

Carbohydrates: A group of organic compounds, including sugars, starches and fiber that are a major source of energy for human beings and animals.

Carb blocker diet pill : A herbal diet pill especially meant for suppressing appetite.

Cellulite: The strikes in the skin, usually around the thighs when the natural structure of the skin is stretched by the fat cells growing too large.

Chromium (or Chromium Picolinate): Many studies have linked Chromium to increased weight loss.


Diet: The regulated eating plan which promote weight loss.

Diet Index: Dieting Link Directory.

Diet pill : The drugs (prescription) or supplements (non-prescription) which can be used for suppressing appetite and inhibiting absorption of sugar in the body to shed weight.

Diet Supplement Information : The diet pill supplement provides you the complete knowledge about how effective these diet pills are? And about diet pills that work.


Exercise: A physical or mental activity used as a method of maintaining or improving a level of fitness. An important part of an overall weight loss plan of action.


Fatness: Excessive body weight.

Fat Burning Diets: Fat burning food, diet recipes, and diet plans to lose weight naturally.

FDA: The Food & Drug Administration is the US Federal agency responsible for the regulation of biotechnology food products.


Health: A state of well being deprived of any illness or injury.


Low Carb Resource: Diet pills reviews, weight loss product reviews, weight loss tips and articles on diet pills and related terms.


Metabolism: The process of breaking down complex substances into the simpler ones with the application of amino acids to produce energy and can be re-synthesized to support life.


Obese: Obesity Accumulation of fat in the body. It is usually represented by a BMI in excess of 40.

Overweight: Weighing more than normal or average weight.


Phentermine Diet Pills: An appetite suppressant used in controlling obesity.

Proteins: Basic building blocks of living cells essential for living beings.


Saturated Fats: Fatty acids mainly found in animal tissues which should be restricted in the diet.


Tenuate: An appetite suppressant which increases heart rate and blood pressure and decreases appetite.


Weight Loss Programs: Diet pill reviews, free diet plans, and weight loss calculators and diet pills product information.

Diet Pills Glossary contains complete dietary supplements information on all Diet Pills plus weight loss products. If you were unable to find something in our diet pills glossary, drop us a mail at Sueshealthcenter@aol.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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