" Thanks to SuesHealthCenter products I lost over 40 pounds! My husband and I couldn't be more thrilled!

I am sending you my before and after pictures with the hope that more people will try your wonderful products. I just lucked into finding you, I am so glad that I did! "

Thanks Again! Stephanie

"Dear Sue, This is my second order for weight loss products, so far I have lost 26 lbs.!!! Yeah!!!" ...jtp39apple

"I am down 8 pounds already I am on my way! I am so happy with your weight loss products and diet pills, I would hug you if I could right now!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"  ... Monaria

"I've already lost almost ten pounds!! I'm buying these diet pills for my cousin. I told her how much I liked your weight loss products and she wants to try them too! Thanks so much!! I will email you and tell you how much I've lost when I finish the bottle of diet pills...." ... Jennifer

"Hello! Well I am ordering diet pill products from you once again! I have lost 25 lbs in the past two months using these diet pills! Greatproduct!" ... K.P.

"This is a reorder for the diet pills. So far I have lost 10 pound. They are great I don't get shakey..." ... Anna

"I will post it here if it is okay with you. Your diet pills help me lose five pounds within the first week, and I have lost a total of twenty five pounds!" ...Varilee

"I lost 22 pounds so far and it has only been a month. I have not adjusted my diet! But I find myself not craving the sweets, or Dr. Peppers like I did before..." ...Lauri

"I lost 8 lbs in 10 days. And NO side effects!!!  I gave a bottle to my sister and she lost 4 lbs in 10 days.  Thank you." ...Janet

"I have lost 12 lbs in about a week and a half and my grandma has lost a lot also ." ...Amelia

"It's been 10 days since I started taking the diet pills that I received from you. I've LOST 15 POUNDS so far!!! I've been following your suggestion sheet and am surprised how not hungry I am. I eat more now than I did before by eating 4X a day instead of 2X. There are times when I want veggies, but at dinner I'll eat a small portion of them. Sweets are not a problem since I really didn't eat too much of them before.
I have more energy too, I used to be tired by 9pm every night. Now I find myself staying up later and sleeping better. I FEEL BETTER! My overall goal is to reach 180 pounds before next August, meaning I have 59 more to lose - I know I can do it.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!..." ....Beth

"I'v lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks.  I went from 235 lbs to 210 lbs and people at work are commenting how skinny I look." ...George

"God bless you and your product. Since starting using it 3 1/2 months ago I have lost 24 lbs.!!" ...Melissa


More Reasons to Act Now 

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The following is eBay feedback. eBay feedback is publicly available information filled in by customers. This information is unedited and are the exact comments real customers had about our diet pills.

  • Item:2943820707»Buyer autoguy1234 ( 3 )
  • +good stuff i lost 25 pounds
  • Item:2943820707»Buyer puresugar_78 ( 63 Blue star)
  • Item:2923823479»Buyer jonnie1313 ( 100 Teal star)
  • +Fantastic! Lost 12 pounds already and am ordering 3 more bottles!!!! Hooraah!
  • Item:2923823479»Buyer maxfieldfamily ( 61 Blue star)
  • +Worksgreat Lost 22 lbs so far Thanks!!!!
  • Item:2915746467»Buyer pliskinmgs ( 3 Yellow star)
  • +quick shipping, lost 15lbs
  • Item:2915746467»Buyer kappy_nc ( 273 Teal star)
  • +Lost 13 lbs in one week. Just ordered 5 bottles, Husband wants to try. Thanks

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  • Item:5550326021»Buyer marsha478 ( 3 Yellow star)
  • +Lost 15 poundsand still going. Thanks
  • Item:5550326021»Buyer wstyutsn ( 4 )
  • +**great service** lost 9lbs first week - have lost 25lbs in first month thxs
  • Item:5557464017»Buyer flynnfun ( 75 Blue star)
  • +Thanks Sue this stuff is great, lost 25 in first 2 wks and another 10 in 2 wks!
  • Item:5558436263»Buyer mstazz_00 ( 13 Yellow star)
  • +Wonderful product lost 9lbs my first week. Will order again. Thx a bunch
  • Item:5550326018»Buyer froggyb77 ( 7 )
  • +thanks sue, lost 12 pounds in two weeks following your suggestions
  • Item:5550326018»Buyer afusiadj ( 18 Yellow star)
  • +came in quick---my second order and i have lost 15lbs!!!! will keep ordering!

I lost 22 pounds so far and it has only been a month. I have not adjusted my diet! But I find myself not craving the sweets, or Dr. Peppers like I did before, and found like in any case a little exercise about 20 mins every other day speeds up the process, and I feel great, sleeping better at night too. Great product! Thank you for sharing it with us! ONLY 100 more pounds to go!!!
Lauri Buchanan, TN

Hello Susan --

Jackie here. I just wanted to let you know of my progress. I started taking the diet pills and exercising just TWO days ago and I have lost 7-8 pounds. I did take these for a few days when I first got them but I wasn’t really working at anything so I stopped for a week or so until I could get motivated to eat correctly and exercise DAILY. and for these two days I have really been watching the junky foods i eat and replacing them with fruits or a smoothie or toast with peanut butter instead of ice cream and cookies and other garbage. And I am just amazed. I am embarrassed to say this but I weighed almost 210 pounds. and I am down to 200 in two days. It actually felt good to step on the scale and see I am at 200 pounds. I haven’t been able to keep those 8 pounds off in about 2 months now. This feels amazing. I wanted to thank you and tell you that I really appreciate this and even though it is just a little progress I feel so much hope that I can lose this weight and reach my goal of 140. Thank you so much again Susan. And I wanted to tell you congratulations on your weight loss and keeping it off so long. That is amazing..

and also.. do I need to keep taking these pills after this months batch is gone, or do I just need to keep exercising? I just wanted to ask.. thank you again Susan..

Sincerely, Jackie 

Hello! Well I am ordering from you again! I have lost 25 lbs in the past two months using these pills! Great product!

Thanks again,

K. Pilbeam

HEY!!!! These are great! I have only taken them for 3 days and lost 5 lbs.!!!


Good morning Sue,

I have been on the METABO Ultra Max for 16 days and have lost 11 lbs, so far. 


Dear Sue: Pills arrived. Have now lost 29 pounds since August. Time to start exercising a bit, skin is getting loose and flappy. So HAPPY!



You have helped to save my health, my self esteem, and, possibly, enriched my marriage. You are the second to tell me the skin elasticity will correct itself with some exercise and time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


P.S. Why isn't this product sold on infomercials and paid programming if it could benefit so many who feel desperate about their weight? If I hadn't been curious and STUMBLED onto on Ebay, I would never have known and somehow that scares me more than anything else.

Hi Susan:

I purchased your product a few weeks ago and have completed my first bottle. Although I had lost 20 lbs prior to starting on your product, I was having difficulty dropping the carbs, yet, I was amazed when I weighed the other day to find myself below 200lbs for the first time in 6 years. I also see my waist line coming back and my thighs and stomach melting some. I am still working on the carbs and I am starting an exercise program next week with Curves For Women.

I want to order more of your product...at least 2 months worth now as I am taking them twice a day. I know my struggle with 'holiday' foods and I still have 45-50 lbs to lose.
I am so glad I took a "chance" on your product.

Lynn R.

I have lost 5 pounds. I haven't changed my diet any and it is the Holidays.


Hi Sue, 

I purchased this product from you about a month ago but just recently got serious with it. I have lost about 15 pounds over the last 2 weeks and have just been "cutting back" my carbs but not following Atkins completely. 


P.S. - My dad is trying your product this week!

Please ship ASAP!! Thanks so much! I have lost almost 20 pounds!! 


Hey Sue. I ordered your pills and they are working wonderfully. What kind of foods can I have after the two week period. So far after 4 days of being on the lipotropic pills I have lost 9lbs. I love the results that I am seeing. I will keep in touch with you and let you know what I have lost in the two weeks. Also I will need to order more pills from you, so let me know how much I owe you for 4 more bottles. I will mail you out a money order, or if you take credit card I can do that too. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!!! Stacy C.

Hiya Sue!! 
I just wanted to check in and let you know that it's been a little over a week and I have already lost 7lbs I am very happy and I checked with my doctor and she said that these pills are very safe and there's no problem
with them for me .... I'll let ya know how well I do ... we go on vacation in 55 days and Ihope to be down enough to look good in my shorts and bathing suit ... type to ya later 

Thanks again! 

I would just like you to know that I have bought these pills from you in the past and they work wonders. I lost about 30lbs. I just need to loss alittle more. 

Thank you

Sherry D.

What's in this stuff? I've lost about 9 pounds. I'm eating very little, but no real exercise. The only thing I've noticed other than that was a lack of sleep at night sometimes, but not all. I am not sure if that is other things or this, but other than that, no complaints from me. I only have a few pounds to go...but how much would two...or three.... more bottles be? You say you've kept your weight off for years...do you still take these pills regularly, or just as needed? Thank you for these wonder pills!!!


Dear Sue

I just ordered my 3rd bottle of the Lipotropic Pills and just wanted you to know that I have been very pleased with my results. I started on March 2nd and I have lost a total of 40-45 lbs. I was approximately 100 lbs overweight.

I find myself more energized and motivated to do things now. I hope that with the help of the pills and proper diet that I will successfully accomplish my goal of 100 lbs. 

At this stage of the diet, I find it very important to be sure to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and I have a regular exercise plan ( mostly walking at least 1 mile every day)

Just wanted to pass this info on to you. Thank you for offering your product on Ebay. I accidently browsed upon it one evening and so greatful that I did.

Dennis Kennedy

Amazing!!!! I have lost nine pounds in four days!! This stuff is
great!!!! Thanks, Amy L.

I was having trouble loosing weight after my second child was born, and then my husband say your add, I ordered the Lipotropic pills and I have to admit at first I wasn't taking them every day like I was suposed to, but I have for a little less than a month now and I am not exactly how much I have lost in total pounds I think somewhere around 15-20, but I feel better, I am not so depressed and I went from comfortable in a size 16 to a size 12. My goal is back into a 7/8 like I was before my first child, and I see that happening by Christmas, maybe even thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Just a note to tell you that I've been taking these tablets for a week now, and have noticed two things. 1) I've had more energy than I've had in a long time, and 2) I lost 4 lbs without trying!!! I just wanted a supplement to help regulate my sugar levels and give me the benefits of ginsing. My doctor said this was a good blend for doing both. I've seen why. Now, I can run after my 4 yr old much better than before. :)

I will be ordering again and I've told my co-workers about you so they may too.

Audrey B.

Dear Sue, 
I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking your product for about a year. I eat more now than I ever have in my life. I eat 5 times a day. I have lost 40lbs and 2 pant sizes. I eat anything I want whenever I want. The thing that everyone should know about your product is that they are vitamins, the right combination of vitamins that work! Everyone asks me what I do to lose the weight and I tell them I eat more frequently (to keep my metabolism moving) including eating fruit 2 times a day, take vitamins, exercise almost everyday and I do for myself, like I go tanning to make myself feel better. That is a really big part of getting your self esteem back from being overweight. Well, I just wanted to say thank you again. I will be ordering again this upcoming week, this is a product I am going to keep taking!!!!!!


Hello Sue- I just want to say thank you. I've hovered at 170 and couldn't break through that number. 2 weeks on your pill and I lost 10 pounds. I feel fine-absolutely no side effects. Very impressive. I've ordered more and want my clients to try it. Thank you for a great product. Janet

I have recieved the order. I have lost 10 lbs and 13 1/4" in 14 days. 

Thanks, Diane

I love this diet pill I have lost 10 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks I have 10 lbs to go and I will be all set, I started my sister on this diet hopefully it will help her also, thank you so much!!

Hi Sue, 
I bought these from you several weeks ago, I wanted to give an update. I don't actually own a scale so I have no idea how many pounds I've lost, and really for me it's not about the weight, but the size. I have shrunk 3 inches off my waist and 4 inches from my hips! My pants don't fit, and my shirts look like they are tents. I have done other things along with this pill, but I definately atribute all my energy to the pill! I had motivation before but no energy. The dealio with people is, they want to keep up their same habits and take a "magic pill" to fix their troubles, those are the people who give negative feedback in my opinion, and truth is, no matter WHAT they did, as long as they kept their same habits, they wouldn't lose a single ounce. It's all about doing what works for you, for me, slim fast bars in the daytime, lots of water, these pills, some elementary school excercises in my living room a few times a week, and not ever eating past dinnertime works VERY well. Oh yeah, and no more of my favorite binge foods, I won't buy them anymore, microwave popcorn, ice cream, potato chips.....It's a lot of little things that I CAN do! I must say this pill is the thing that got me over the hump! I had been doing all those things and had some little victories, but nothing really to write home about, or in this case, to write Sue about LOL!! Anyhoo, I wanted to give an update, I do plan to buy more as soon as hubby gets paid! THANKS again :)

I lost 10lbs my first week on the pills. I am doing the atkins diet along with it. I have previously lost 70lbs on the diet but went off it when I got pregnant. My daughter is 7 months old and in 1.5 years I have gained back 40lbs. This was the extra boost I needed. Thank You!

Love, Joy M

Hi Sue. Just wanted to let you know that these pills really do work! My husband & I each lost 7 pounds in 6 days and are still trucking along. I am so happy!!! This is a miracle pill!
Thank you so much. I will keep you up to date on our progress.

Thanks again.
Yvonne P

I started on October 20th and have lost 26 pounds so far. I am using your lipotropic blend and following South Beach.

Thanks - Carol

I bought your diet pills. They are the best things that ever happened to me. It's only been 5 days and I all ready lost 13lbs. Thank you so much! I still have a long way to go, but with these pills I really think I'm going to make it to my goal weight this time. 
Thanks again,

My name is Mary and I order your Lipotropic pills previously and want to let you know that I have lost 15 pounds.  I just ordered 8 more bottles. 

Thanks for your help

I am down 8 pounds already I am on my way! I am so happy with your product so far I would hug you if I could right now! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you, 




"I've lost over 100 lbs in 8 months!"

THANK YOU Sue! ...Tony

Hi Susan,
I have done the Suzanne Somers Diet in the past - which worked really well for me. I am doing it again (1 year later) and one year older (in my 40's now) - and I find that by adding this product to my diet, it is hastening the results. One thing I absolutely love is that there are NO side effects at all - NO heart racing, sweats, etc - like metabolife. So I am happy!
I just placed an order (sorry only one bottle for now - next time I will buy 2)

I brought some of these pills few weeks ago and I love them so far! I just started my diet on monday 12/02/02 and I've already lost almost ten pounds!! I'm buying these for my cousin. I told her how much I liked them and she wants to try them to! Thanks so much!! I will email you and tell you how much I've lost when I finish the bottle if you'd like!

Jennifer R.
St. Joseph, MO

It's been 10 days since I started taking the diet pills that I received from you. I've LOST 15 POUNDS so far!!! I've been following your suggestion sheet and am surprised how not hungry I am. I eat more now than I did before by eating 4X a day instead of 2X. There are times when I want veggies, but at dinner I'll eat a small portion of them. Sweets are not a problem since I really didn't eat too much of them before.
I have more energy too, I used to be tired by 9pm every night. Now I find myself staying up later and sleeping better. I FEEL BETTER! My overall goal is to reach 180 pounds before next August, meaning I have 59 more to lose - I know I can do it. 

Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Beth M.

Dear Sue: I have never before written a testimonial but feel compelled to do so for your Metabo Ultra Max dietary supplement to help in weight loss. As I mentioned months ago, I would not write a recommendation until I had found whether the product worked or not.

1. It was slow at first -- took about 2 weeks for my metabolism to "right" itself -- then weight began coming off in a 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. rate per week, CONSISTENTLY!

2. I find that I am satisfied with less food even though I get very hungry, especially in the morning which never has happened before.

3. My husband, who is constitutionally incapable of telling a lie, has noticed the weight loss, commented on it and is starting to make "woo woo" eyes at me more often.

4. Most problematically, I must take a prescription medication every day which has blocked weight loss until now. Your product does not interfere with the action of my needed medication AND the weight is coming off.

5. I eat what I want, when I want, including dessert. I just don't feel the urge to eat as much. My diet is varied and interesting with all of my favorite foods in it.

6. God bless you and your product. Since starting using it 3 1/2 months ago I have lost 24 lbs.!! And I will continue to use your product forever. I have been recommending your product to everyone and have given it to family members to try. Thank you and, again, God bless you.

Melissa M.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Hi Sue!
I haven't emailed you in about a week, but I have lost now 8 pounds! I feel great and am so happy. Bad thing, I was so excited in everything else that I forgot to re-order more pills and I am now in a panic that I will gain weight! I just re- ordered 3 bottles, but I was wondering if there was anyway possible to have at least 1 bottle fed-ex'd to me. I of course will pay for it. I am just in a panic! I have not felt this good, even thought I am still 12 pounds away from goal, I am so motivated. I am exercising every day too. I hope you will be able to help me. I am just so thankful I found your website!!! 

Here's hopin!!
Kris T.

Have a great day!



Sue - I have had a good start using your pills and program. I'm down 6# in 6 days! Wow! Thanks!

I'll keep you posted on my success!


Hi Sue,

I bought 2 bottles of the diet pills off you earlier this year (one of your UK customers - I've now noticed several UK sellers listing similar products but they are MUCH more expensive). After putting it off for weeks (as I do!), I started my new 'eating plan' as I call it (low fat, healthy diet) 2 weeks ago. I also started taking the tablets. I am very overweight and hardly do any exercise so didn't expect my body to burn too many calories, diet or not. To my joy, I have now lost 13lb in 2 weeks!!! - 8lb the 1st week and 5lb this week! I am NOT starving and am eating 3 generous meals a day & also drinking a lot more water. I seem to be sleeping much better and am really happy to be 'taking control' at last. I am sure the REAL help here is the tablets. I have now placed a bid for 5 more bottles as I can truly say they DO work for me!!! I have a long way to go, but this weight loss has given me the 'boost' I need at the beginning, when it is hardest.

Having looked at your feedback, I am sure there are people out there who take the tablets but just keep on eating the same junk as before and expect to lose weight just by taking the tablets - this is so unrealistic! I know that many times I have 'kidded' myself that I am dieting, but 'cheated' every day. Well, no more!

Just thought it would be nice to let you know of your product's success!

Best wishes
Teresa xxx

Dear Sue :o) 

This is my second purchase. I bought a lot more now because it really is working in my wife and my lives! I originally bought it for me to speed up my toning with exercise. She has seen my results and wanted it too! Funny thing is, I didn't tell her about it because she was already going to weight watchers and I was being supportive. The last thing I knew how or wanted to do was to insinuate that she needed another way to lose weight. At any rate, since she and I do the home finances together, I couldn't lie about my purchase so I came clean and told her that I bought it for me (truth) and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by offering it to her (true) since she was very sensitive and already looking great from her weight-watchers program. 

This mixed with exercise is such a blessing that I cannot even imagine how we could thank you any more. It's also even more a blessing that it's all natural ingredients, no ephedra, and absolutely no side-effects, unless you call boosted hope and confidence side effects. 

Thanks Sue, God bless you, and I pray for your further prosperity in Jesus' Holy Name! 


Marcos and Danielle R.

I just finished the one bottle that I had ordered. Lost 7 pounds the first week. 

Susan C.

My husband and I have both been taking the pills for about a week now, and have both lost 10 lbs in the first week. I am so excited because nothing else has worked for me. I have tried weight watchers, metabolife, and even presciption diet pills and nothing took of the weight. Last night my husband told me that I looked slimmer. What a boost in confidence!!! I am so happy that I decided to buy your product. Thank you so much, from me and my husband.

Tiffany- Centerville, GA

I got the products monday afternoon. I tried it tuesday morning. I weighed myself at 137 tues am. the next day, I weighed myself at 133! and then today thursday I weighed 132. i couldn't believe it. I have about thirthy more pounds to go. I just placed an order for five more bottles. I hope it arrives soon. I'm interested in starting my own business. is it difficult? I saw your homepage and it showed wholesale prices. could you tell me how? thanks. 



Dear Susan:
I recently started taking these pills. I too lost 10lbs in the first two weeks, although my goal is much larger.

Susan S.
Arbyrd, MO

Hello there Sue
I was just writing you to thank you. I have tried everything to loose weight all kinds of fat burner. I have been taking you product for 2 weeks at first it was slow I have lost 8 1/2 pounds. I have never lost weight like this. I just wanted to let you know. I am so happy. I am exercising now. Thank you so much sue. I have one more bottle to use. People come to me and ask me what are you doing to loose weight I just smile I have told sooooooo many people about your product. I pray that your buisness expand so big God bless you and your family.

P.S my weight came off slow but the inches that I have lost is lovely. I havent checked my inches but in my clothes I know it its a miracle. clothes that have been so tight on me(shirts) is now loose.Thanks again. I have to exercise now. Also I am on the depo shot and you stay fat with this birth control Sue I can tell anybody that your pill is so good I thought that I wasnt going to never loose weight on this birth control method and noone even know that I was taking anything they just came up to me and said you look like your loosing weight. Especially my fiancee 

Dear Sue,

I just wanted to thank you so much for these pills. For quite awhile now, I've had those extra 15 pounds hanging on me. I listened to your advice in the packet- cutting down on carbs, exercising (I do yoga 3x/week), and  taking your pills. The combonation of the three are working. While I'm not at my target weight yet, it's definitely working!
Thank you, thank you thank you!

I want to let you know that I am impressed, although I haven't been as religious as your recommended direction, I am still losing and the clothes are fitting much nicer. I don't own a scale so I don't know how much weight I have lost, but the compliments at work SAY IT ALL!

I also enjoy the recipe link - will be trying some of the low carb meals, and thank you.

Thanx Sue


I just wanted to tell you how great your product is. I am a real skeptic, not only because I have tried just about every weight loss product out there but I am also a nurse. I have an autoimmune disease (Lupus) and have side effects to many herbal meds and other products. I tried your product (why not it I've tried most others and they either don't work or make me really sick.) I have to tell you that not only did I not get sick from it but I actually felt great. I had energy but not a nervous energy or hyperness. I just feel good and for someone with the illness I have that is saying a lot. Not only do I feel great but I lost 7 pounds in 5 days. Because I am a nurse I don't really get lunch breaks and very rarely make it home to eat dinner with my husband and kids. Needless to say I not only eat when I get chance but I eat whatever is available. That is one reason I have such a weight problem.. I just want you to know that your product is the first one that has actually worked and not made me sick. Now my husband is a believer and we just ordered 5 more bottles. Thank you so much.

hey the pills have worked great my wife lost 12 lbs. the first week and i lost 14 thanks a lot I am buying 2 more thanks again 


I have been using your product since last July and have lost over 30 pounds!!! I weighed 187 when I got the first bottle from you ... now I weigh around 154!!! It's been an amazing discovery for me and I hardly exercise at all ... a little pilates maybe once a week, but otherwise I
don't have a regular exercise regime.

I'd like to say, that I have definitely lost a tremendous amount of weight using your product; my self esteem has improved dramatically; I can once again wear
designer clothing that has hung dormant in my closet for over a year and my friends have all noticed a huge difference in my appearance and energy level.

Thanks - Jonnie J.